Strategic Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice

Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice. The Second Edition of this highly successful course reader provides a comprehensive, contemporary and critical review of the key issues in strategic human resource management. The book draws upon the work of some of the most influential and insightful writers on the subject of the strategic management of people in organizations. Through a series of carefully edited articles, students can explore current thinking on topics as diverse as performance, pay, process reengineering, structure, ethics, culture, change and leadership.

This volume moves beyond strategic human resource management from the perspective of the policy setter. The book informs but also questions and, while recognising the legitimacy and importance of management perspectives, also captures the experience of workers on the receiving end of strategic initiatives. Students will be encouraged to consider core issues and difficult questions, such as:

" How should employees respond to the missionary zeal of their employers?

" How can we explain the increasing influence of gangmasters?

" What are the effects of management training on the identities of managers?

" Has strategic HRM been transformed from a model of commitment to one of exploitation?

Strategic Human Resource Management has been designed to meet the needs of course teaching at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is an invaluable text that will help define the complex agenda of human resource management, strategy and organisations for students.

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