Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Financial Times/Prentice Hall

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Small Business and Entrepreneurship. This exciting new book provides the ‘big picture’ on small business and entrepreneurship. Written by two recognised experts, active teachers and researchers at one of the world’s most respected business schools, it explores both the prevalence and importance of small and start-up businesses.Entrepreneurs and small businesses are highly diverse, so the book looks to apply broad brush strokes to learn from general patterns where possible. It identifies evidence where it is clear, but equally acknowledges where knowledge is limited or certain conclusions are impossible to draw. Perhaps most importantly, it makes clear that small businesses are not just scaled-down big businesses: they behave, respond, and are organised differently to large organisations.For Students: Financial Times video interviews with entrepreneurs and small business owners, weblinks to organisations cited in the book, flashcard glossary to help with revision.For Instructors:instructor manual, PowerPoint slides. 

Forfattere: Francis J. Greene, Francis Greene, David Storey Utgave: ukjent
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