Set Lighting Technician's Handbook: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice and Ele…

Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

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Set Lighting Technician's Handbook: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice and Ele…. Set Lighting Technician's HandbookComprehensive. Detailed. Practical. Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Third Edition is a friendly, hands-on manual covering the day-to-day practices, equipment, and tricks of the trade essential to anyone doing motion picture lighting. This handbook offers a wealth of practical technical information, useful techniques, as well as aesthetic discussions. The Set Lighting Technician's Handbook focuses on what is important when working on-set: trouble-shooting, teamwork, set protocol, and safety. It describes tricks and techniques for operating a vast array of lighting equipment including xenons, camera synchronous strobes, black lights, underwater units, lighting effects units, and many others. Since its first edition, this handy on-set reference continues to be widely adopted as a training and reference manual by union training programs as well as top university film production programs. New in the third edition is an expanded resource section, new illustrations and tables, and coverage of new lighting products and techniques for how to use them.

1 Set Basics: Your First Barbecue; 2 Preproduction Planning: Lighting Package, Expendables and Personal Tools; 3 Tungsten Lighting Arsenal; 4 HMI Lighting Arsenal; 5 Fluorescent Lighting; 6 Stands and Rigging Hardware; 7 Lighting Objectives and Methods; 8 Manipulating Light: Tools, Techniques and the Behavior of Light; 9 Electrician's Set Protocol; 10 Specialty Lighting; 11 Electricity; 12 Electrical Distribution Equipment; 13 Power Sources; 14 The Work World; Appendices and Glossary Expanded resources section: websites, unions, chat groups, bulletin boards, etc, plus new illustrations and tablesMore advanced, concise, and comprehensive than everCoverage of new lighting products and techniques to help you use them
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