Qualitative Market Research: A Practitioner's and Buyer's Guide

Qualitative Market Research


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Qualitative Market Research: A Practitioner's and Buyer's Guide. This book opens the black box of qualitative market research and reveals the inner workings of the qualitative process. The influence of group dynamics on the data itself, the significance of body language in the interaction between researcher and respondent and the application of techniques to discover the private world of the individual are all exposed. So too, is the least visible part of all research projects - the interpretation of content given the fact that people often 'don't say what they mean' and 'don't mean what they say'. This book brings together a detailed overview of procedures and techniques in contemporary qualitative market research. These evolving techniques are making qualitative research increasingly influential. A clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses is therefore vital to anyone involved in research - whether market, industrial, social, governmental or medical.

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