Producing Great Sound for Film and Video

Producing Great Sound for Film and Video

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Producing Great Sound for Film and Video. AcknowledgmentsxiIntroductionxiiiAbout This Book and Audio PostproductionxviiHow to Create a Great Soundtrack (in a Quarter of a Page)xixSECTION I AUDIO BASICS1(58)How Sound Works3(17)Music-Sicle?3(1)The Life of a Sound4(1)Fast Pressure Changes are Heard as Sounds5(4)Somewhat Slower Pressure Changes are Heard as Envelopes9(2)Slow Changes of Pressure are Loudness11(4)Echoes in Small Rooms15(4)Very Slow Changes of Pressure are Weather19(1)How Digital Audio Works20(21)Why Digital?20(3)Turning Analog to Digital23(13)Audio Data Reduction36(5)Audio on a Wire41(18)Analog Wiring41(13)Digital Wiring54(5)SECTION II PLANNING AND PREPRO59(44)Planning for Sound61(22)The Need for Sound61(4)Think About The Overall Track65(7)Elements of the Soundtrack72(1)Spoken Words72(5)Music77(3)Sound Effects80(1)Special Effects and Processing81(1)The Layers of a Track82(1)Budgeting, Scheduling, and Preproduction83(20)Budgeting for Sound84(6)Allow Time for Sound90(5)Checking Locations95(8)SECTION III PRODUCTION SOUND103(112)Microphones and Room Acoustics105(23)About Microphones106(19)Rooms and Recording125(3)Production Mic Technique128(29)What Kind of Mic to Use?129(1)Using Boom Mics130(10)Using Lavalieres140(6)Controlling Wind Noise146(1)Using Wireless147(9)Room Tone156(1)Production Recording157(27)Getting Audio Into a Recorder157(7)Camera Settings164(8)Double System172(5)Mixers and Preamps177(2)Connecting to the Recorder179(2)Adjusting the Volume181(3)Recording Voice-Overs, ADR, and Effects184(31)Engineering a Voice Recording185(10)Directing The Voice-over195(11)Recording Sound Effects206(9)SECTION IV POSTPRODUCTION215(197)Postproduction Workflow217(15)Linear and Nonlinear Editing217(15)Postproduction Hardware232(31)Monitoring232(11)Computer Input/Output243(1)The Mixer244(10)Moving Signals Around the Editing Suite254(2)Wiring The Postproduction Suite256(3)Mixing -10 Dbv and +4 Dbu Equipment259(4)Levels and Digitizing263(30)Digital Audio Transfers264(7)Digitizing Analog Signals271(7)Metering and Lineup Tones278(5)Synchronization283(10)Editing Voices293(21)The Right Tools for Editing Voice294(2)Editing I: Cutting in Silences296(1)Editing II: Sounds with Hard Attacks297(3)Editing III: Hearing Phonemes300(5)Editing IV: Theatrical Film Dialog305(3)Editing V: The Tricks308(1)Editing VI: Keeping Track of Sync309(4)A Final Exercise313(1)Working with Music314(25)Deciding What Music You'll Need315(2)Sources of Music317(11)Selecting Music from a Library328(2)Music Editing330(9)Sound Effects339(13)We Don't Need No Stinkin' Reality339(2)Sources for Sound Effects341(3)Choosing Effects344(1)Placing Sound Effects345(7)Processing352(28)How any Effect can Wreck a Sound353(1)When to Apply Processing354(2)Equalizers356(7)Compressors363(6)Reverberation369(6)Noise Reduction375(3)Combining Effects378(1)Learning More379(1)The Mix380(19)Setting up for the Mix381(14)Preparing for Someone Else to Mix395(2)After the Mix397(1)The Last Thing You Should Do398(1)``Help! It Doesn't Sound Right!''399(13)Problems With On-Camera Dialog399(2)Too Many Background Noises401(1)Dialog Problems Introduced by the Recorder402(1)Postproduction Audio Issues403(3)Narration Problems406(1)Computer Doesn't Play Audio Well406(1)Editing Problems407(1)Mix Problems408(1)The Mix Sounded Great on the Desktop or Mixing Studio, but Bad on the Air or in the Conference Room408(1)The Mix Proportions Were Right, but It Was Too Soft/Loud/Distorted on the Air408(1)Some Elements Sound Fine in Stereo, but Disappear when the Tape Is Broadcast, Played on VHS, or Seen on the Web409(1)Other Common Questions410(2)Appendix A Glossary412(6)Appendix B Resources418(4)Organizations420(2)Appendix C CD Contents422(7)Index429

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