Political Geography

Political Geography

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Political Geography. "A very good overview. Covers the key topics well and in an accessible and engaging style."- Dr Daniel Hammett, Department of Geography, Sheffield UniversityThis is a revised and updated edition of a core undergraduate resource for political geography. Focusing on the social and cultural while systematically overviewing the entire discipline, Joe Painter and Alex Jeffrey explain:Politics, geography, and 'political' geography: power, resources, institutions, and the history of the fieldState formation: classical views alongside recent work on governance and governmentalityWelfare to workfare state: the restructuring of present state strategiesDemocracy, citizenship and law: different models of democracy in European and global contextsIdentity and social movements: the relation between identity and political action Nationalism and regionalism: ethnicity, national identity and "otherness"Imperialism and post-colonialism: from world systems theory to post-structuralist accountsGeopolitics: the political, economic, and strategic significance of geography.Comprehensive, accessible and illustrated with real world examples, Political Geography provides undergraduates with a thorough understanding of the relationship between geography and politics.

Forfattere: Joe Painter, Alex Jeffrey Utgave: ukjent
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