Media talk: conversation analysis and the study of broadcasting

Media talk

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Media talk: conversation analysis and the study of broadcasting. Media Talk provides an accessible introduction to the analysis of the spoken word by examining linguistic and discursive aspects of broadcast media.Beginning with the observation that talk is central to all genres of radio and television, Ian Hutchby examines the forms of speech used by broadcasters as their primary means of communicating with audiences. He looks at a range of media forms and genres, including televised audience debates, confrontational TV talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey and Ricki Lake, open-line talk radio shows, advice-giving broadcasts, news interviews and political panel discussions. Hutchby argues that the study of talk provides insights into the very nature of mass communication, and invites the reader into further consideration of a range of important issues, such as the relationship between broadcasters and audiences, and the public role of media output.The book not only describes the role of media talk but also provides detailed examples of analytical tools. It is key reading for students on courses in language and the media, media discourse, communication and cultural studies.

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