Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives

Islam in Transition

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Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives. 9/11 and continued acts of global terrorism from Madrid to Bali have challenged the understanding of academic experts, students, and policymakers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Critical questions have been raised about Islam and Muslim politics in the modern world: Are Islam and modernity compatible?; Is Islam compatible with modernization: with nationalism, secularism, economic development and democracy?; Is Islam in need of and capable of reform?; what does Islam and what do Muslims have to say about globalization, democracy, human rights, women, jihad, violence, terrorism, and suicide bombing. This updated and expanded second edition of Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives includes more than 50% new materials with representative selections from diverse Muslim voices, moderates and extremists, traditionalists and reformers, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia, Europe to America.

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