International Systems in World History: Remaking the Study of International Relations

International Systems in World History

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International Systems in World History: Remaking the Study of International Relations. International Systems in World HistoryThis book tells the 60,000 year story of how humankind evolved from a scattering of hunter-gatherer bands to todays highly integrated global international political economy. It traces the evolution of ever-wider economic, societal and military-political international systems, and the interplay between these systems and the tribes, city states, empires, and modern states into which humans have organised themselves. Buzan and Little marry a wide range of mainstream International Relations theories to a world historical perspective. They mount a stinging attack on International Relations as a discipline, arguing that its Eurocentrism, historical narrowness, and theoretical fragmentation have reduced almost to nothing both its cross-disclipinary influence and its ability to think coherently about either the past or the future. Seeking to emulate and challenge the cross-disciplinary influence of the world systems model, the book recasts the study of International Relations into a macro-historical perspective, shows how its core concepts work across time, and sets out a new theoretical agenda and a new intellectual role for the discipline.

PART I: INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS, WORLD HISTORY, AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY; Chapter 1 Systems, History, Theory and the Study of International Relations; Chapter 2 Competing Conceptions of the International System; Chapter 3 Systemic Thinking in World History; Chapter 4 The Theoretical Toolkit of this Book; Chapter 5 Establishing Criteria for International Systems; PART II: SYSTEMS IN PRE-INTERNATIONAL WORLD HISTORY; Chapter 6 The Origins of Pre-International Systems; Chapter7 The Transition from Pre-International to International Systems; PART III: THE RISE AND INTERLINKAGE OF MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS IN THE ANCIENT AND CLASSICAL WORLD; Chapter 8 The New Units: City States, Empires and Barbarians as the Main Actors of the Ancient and Classical World; Chapter 9 Interaction Capacity; Chapter 10 Process; Chapter 11 Structure; PART IV: THE ESTABLISHMENT AND EVOLUTION OF A GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM; Chapter 12 Units; Chapter 13 Interaction Capacity; Chapter 14 Process; Chapter 15 Structure; PART V: SPECULATIONS, ASSESSMENTS, REFLECTIONS; Chapter 17 What World History tells us about International Relations Theory; Chapter 18 What International Relations Theory tells us about World History; Chapter 19 Reflections TEXTBOOK
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