Information and Communication Technologies: Visions and Reealities

Information and Communication Technologies

Oxford University Press

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Information and Communication Technologies: Visions and Reealities. Information and Communication Technologies: Visions and Realities illuminates the social and economic implications of advances in information and communication technologies. It has been written and edited to reach a broad audience across the social sciences interested in constructive ways of thinking about the social dynamics of the revolution in digital media. Based on a decade of research undertaken by the UK's Programme on Information and Communication Technologies (PICT), this book explains * how social factors influence technological innovation and convergence; * why organizations seek to transform work, services, and management; * ways in which households domesticate new media; * how public policy andregulation shape the impact of technology on employment, media concentration, privacy, and access in an information society. The thirty contributors include leading figures in the field.

Forfattere: Malcolm (EDT) Peltu, William H. (EDT) Dutton Utgave: ukjent
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