Global Shift: Reshaping the Global Economic Map in the 21st Century

Global Shift

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Global Shift: Reshaping the Global Economic Map in the 21st Century. The latest edition of Peter Dicken's bestselling text has been updated and revised to give a comprehensive and accessible overview of the processes and impact of 'globalization'. Students and tutors can return time and again to this volume which offers a: - clear analysis of the changes that continually transform the world economy and their effects on local communities - coherent account of the inter-related actions of transnational corporations, business networks, states and regulators - focused perspective on the evolving technological climate and its impact in diverse geographical and economic sectors Global Shift provides the reader with the tools and information needed to assess key features of globalisation and contains: - examples drawn from across the world - customised maps, graphs, tables and diagrams - notes for further reading at the end of each chapter - an extensive bibliography Richly illustrated with more than 200 specially designed figures and tables

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