Environmental Science: Physical Principles and Applications

Environmental Science

John Wiley & Sons

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Environmental Science: Physical Principles and Applications. Providing extensive coverage of the field, this book brings togetherthe latest developments, theories, research and concerns from both a scientificand social perspective. Beginning with an introduction on approaching environmentalproblems, the text then moves on to look at climatic change, energy conversion,the transport of pollutants, experimental methods and ends with a discussionon science and society. Features: Extensive coverage of the latest concerns, issues and developments withinthe field from both a scientific and social perspective Numerous relevant examples and mini-case studies (appetisers) combinedwith exercises in each chapter and references for further reading A supplementary website where students can access experiments and simplemodels relevant to the book: www.nat.vu.nl/envphysexp

Forfattere: Rienk van Grondelle, Egbert Boeker Utgave: 1 utg.
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