Doing Research in Business and Management: An Introduction to Process and Method

Doing Research in Business and Management

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Doing Research in Business and Management: An Introduction to Process and Method. '[T]here is, as with all the chapters, an excellent set of suggested further reading...' - Management Learning`Postgraduate students should find this a useful book, since it focuses on issues specific to their requirements. The philosophical underpinnings, methodology and practicalities of research are all discussed within the context of postgraduate research' - International Small Business JournalThis wide-ranging text comprehensively overviews management research and research methodology. The authors take the reader through all the major stages of the research process and introduce the key methods.After highlighting the different contexts and purposes, strategies and tactics, programmes and processes of management research, the authors provide detailed coverage of the relevant research approaches and methods. They discuss the interrelationship of theoretical and empirical research, and how these apply to practice. The implications of using quantitative and qualitative methods are examined, and practical advice is given on the available analysis techniques and software packages.

Forfattere: Arthur Money, Brian Williams, Dan Remenyi Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 320
ISBN: 9780761959502 Vekt: 578 g
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