Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy

Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy


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Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy.

This landmark text describes research-informed practices and applications of Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) across a range of care environments and clinical populations (e.g., family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, alcohol and drug treatment, community health centers, and military and veteran health systems). It is a timely release for a rapidly growing field.


 It includes the work of some of MedFT’s most innovative leaders, who expertly:



  • illustrate MedFT in action across primary, secondary, tertiary, and other unique health contexts
  • describe the make-up of healthcare teams tailored to each chapter’s distinct environment(s)
  • highlight fundamental knowledge and critical skillsets across diverse healthcare contexts
  • detail research-informed practices for MedFTs who treat patients, couples, families, and communities





 Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy is a comprehensive source for any behavioral health student, trainee, or professional looking to understand the necessary skills for MedFTs entering the healthcare workforce. It is also an essential read for trainers and instructors who are covering the fundamental MedFT knowledge and skills across diverse healthcare contexts. This text was written to be applicable for a wide variety of healthcare disciplines, including family therapy, counseling nursing, medicine, psychology and social work. 


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