C++ from the Beginning

C++ from the Beginning


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C++ from the Beginning. C++ From the Beginning covers the whole of the C++ language from simple basics to advanced language constructs. The emphasis is on building programming skills via examples and exercises, integrating object-oriented programming with object-oriented design while teaching the basics of the language. It is a book with a dual purpose: to teach the fundamental principles of good programming, and to provide an accessible and direct introduction to C++. It is ideal for beginners taking their first programming course, and for programmers with some experience requiring a thorough introduction to the C++ language.Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1997, the ISO standard for C++ has been approved. This new edition of the book covers the ISO standard. The standard incorporates a library of utility classes called the STL (Standard Template Library) not previously included in the core of C++. This book describes these new classes as well as advanced topics such as exceptions, streams, templates and function objects.

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