Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism

Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism


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Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism. This is an expert's guide to the art and craft of making great news photos, every time. 'Reporting with a camera. Capturing the instant for others. The 'decisive moment.' Photojournalism' - Brian Horton. Noted AP photographer and photo editor, Brian Horton takes you beyond the basics of lenses and exposure times to offer a rare, insider's perspective on the art and craft of photojournalism. While he does provide useful instruction on technical considerations such as picking the right angle and lighting a situation, his main concern is with the less tangible, wholly indispensable elements of content, style, and the creative process. Using more than 100 photographs from the AP archives to illustrate his points, Horton analyzes what constitutes great news photos of every type, including portraits, tableaus, sports shots, battlefield scenes, and more.He offers unique insights into composition and style, along with invaluable advice on how to develop a style of your own. And, in a chapter new to this edition, he explores the pros and cons of digital photography and the latest developments in digital development and processing.In writing "The Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism", Brian Horton conducted extensive interviews with other award-winning photojournalists, whose voices echo throughout the book, sharing unforgettable war stories and hard-won insights into what it takes to seek and find memorable news photographs.Brian Horton is Senior Photo Editor for the Associated Press. He is also AP's LaserPhoto network director. An AP veteran of 30 years' experience, he has covered the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Triple Crown, the Winter and Summer Olympics, World Cup soccer, the Indianapolis 500, the NBA Finals, and other major sports events. He also has covered news events ranging from the Gulf War to coal mine disasters, presidential campaigns and political conventions. Also Available in the "Associated Press" series is "Associated Press Broadcast News Handbook".

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