Applied Social Psychology

Applied Social Psychology

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Applied Social Psychology. This comprehensive and accessible textbook overviews the applications of social psychology to a wide range of problems and issues in contemporary society. With internationally respected contributors who survey the major developments in their fields, this practical guide incorporates advice, examples and reading lists.The first part of the book outlines a number of general frameworks that inform the applications of social psychology, namely language, attitudes, decision-making and survey research; Part Two focuses on major behavioural domains, including health and economic behaviour; Part Three explains the relationship between social psychology and social institutions, highlighting, for instance, the media, law and politics; and the final part addresses the broader social and cultural implications of contemporary social psychology, covering such key concerns as violence, ageing and cross-cultural questions.

Forfattere: Klaus (EDT) Fiedler, Gun R. (EDT) Semin Utgave: ukjent
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