Voices of the Mind: a Sociocultural Approach to Mediated Action

Voices of the Mind

Harvard University Press

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Voices of the Mind: a Sociocultural Approach to Mediated Action. Voices of the Mind: a Sociocultural Approach to Mediated ActionIntroduction 1. Prerequisites 2. A Sociocultural Approach to Mind 3. Beyond Vygotsky: Bakhtin's Contribution 4. The Multivoicedness of Meaning 5. The Heterogeneity of Voices 6. Sociocultural Setting, Social Languages, and

Wertsch develops Vygotsky's ideas about a semiotic approach to culture in a direction that was central for Vygotsky but has received comparatively little attention from his followers. The most inspiring result of Wertsch's effort is that the idea of the "multivoicedness" of human mind, corresponding to the multivoicedness of both culture and communication, is introduced into psychology. Wertsch has created a theoretical and methodological framework which is of genuine help to those studying ways in which culture shapes mind. -- Peeter Tulviste, University of Tartu, Estonia This is a magisterial exercise in social theory, with immediate implications for practical action in a number of disciplines that cut across the spectrum of the social and human sciences, from psychology and anthropology to history and literary criticism. Concentrating on behavior, on action, as his unit of analysis, Wertsch engages everyday problems of great immediacy and urgency, while sacrificing nothing to theoretical elegance or conceptual rigor. -- Michael Holquist, Yale University The book's goal, to my mind beautifully achieved, is to delineate a "sociocultural approach to mind"...Wertsch begins by defining a unit of analysis that sees the human being not as passive receptor and not as individual isolate but rather as generator of a certain type of action-what [he] calls "communicative" action or "individuals acting with mediational means." -- Caryl Emerson, Princeton University
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