The Sociology of Post-Colonial Societies: Economic Disparity, Cultural Divers…

The Sociology of Post-Colonial Societies

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The Sociology of Post-Colonial Societies: Economic Disparity, Cultural Divers….

This is the completely revised and updated version of the immensely successful Sociology of the Third World. The book is about the division of the world into rich and poor countries, and the disparities between rich and poor people, especially in poor countries. Chapters on world population trends, colonialism and questions of race set the historical scene for a detailed analysis of economic conditions and living standards in poor countries. New material on droughts, famines, family change and environmental concerns are fully discussed, along with questions about limits to growth and sustainable development. Theoretical perspectives on development and underdevelopment are reviewed. Later chapters summarize the findings of the different social sciences on fundamental issues of modernisation, including expansion, cultural diversity, religious movements, post-colonial politics, and issues involving aid. This new edition contains updated statistics, and discusses the general shift of emphasis away from industrial policies towards basic needs reflected by the United Nations Development Programme.

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