The Little Book of Market Wizards: Lessons from the Greatest Traders

The Little Book of Market Wizards

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The Little Book of Market Wizards: Lessons from the Greatest Traders. An accessible look at the art of investing and how to adopt the practices of top professionals What differentiates the highly successful market practitioners the Market Wizards from ordinary traders? What traits do they share? What lessons can the average trader learn from those who achieved superior returns for decades while still maintaining strict risk control? Jack Schwager has spent the past 25 years interviewing the market legends in search of the answers a quest chronicled in four prior Market Wizards volumes totaling nearly 2,000 pages. In The Little Book of Market Wizards, Jack Schwager seeks to distill what he considers the essential lessons he learned in conducting nearly four dozen interviews with some of the world's best traders. The book delves into the mindset and processes of highly successful traders, providing insights that all traders should find helpful in improving their trading skills and results.* Each chapter focuses on a specific theme essential to market success * Describes how all market participants can benefit by incorporating the related traits, behaviors, and philosophies of the Market Wizards in their own trading * Filled with compelling anecdotes that bring the trading messages to life, and direct quotes from the market greats that resonate with the wisdom born of experience and skill Stepping clearly outside the narrow confines of most investment books, The Little Book of Market Wizards focuses on the value of understanding one's self within the context of successful investing.

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Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 208
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