The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

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The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book. "The ultimate job interview book! A systematic, foolproof way to generate offers. No job seeker should be without it." --National Job Market "The programmed system works because it is a simple, practical, proven way to interview properly. Use it to win the interview and win the job!" --Mary Lyon, Associated Press "Allena s a Q&Aa interview approach eliminates the fear of the unknown, replaces it with the confidence of knowing what to expect, and trains the applicant to get job offers." --Kimberly A. Hellyar, Director, Training Consultants International What is a job interview anyway? Is it an objective examination of your experience, skills, and work ethic? Not quite. Ita s a screen test. Youa re the actor. In this bestselling guide, Jeff Allen, the worlda s leading authority on the interview process, shows you how getting hired depends almost completely on the "actor factor." If you know your lines, perfect your delivery, and dress for the part, youa ll get hired. If you dona t, you wona t. In The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book, Jeff develops your own personalized interview script to prepare you in advance for any question that comes your way.Covering questions on everything from personal background to management ability and technological know--how, he gives you a fail--safe delivery format for responding the right way every time. This new edition has been updated to guide you through todaya s changing job market, and includes an entirely new chapter on dealing with the latest open--ended interrogation questions. If getting a job is playing a part, this is your starring role. Follow the director, and youa ll be a superstar!

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