The Art of Digital Audio Recording

The Art of Digital Audio Recording

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The Art of Digital Audio Recording: A Practical Guide for Home and Studio. Making great audio recordings requires striking the right balance between technical know-how and practical understanding of recording sessions. Even in the digital age, some of the most important aspects of creating and recording music are non-technical and, as a result, are often overlooked by traditional recording manuals. The Art of Digital Audio Recording teaches readers what they really need to know in order to make great sound recordings with computers- both the practical and the technical information, including:BL What to look and listen for in a recording environmentBL Straightforward advice on recording almost any instrumentBL Essentials of digital audio workstationsBL Essentials of recording gear: microphones, mixers, and speakersBL Fundamentals of understanding and applying EQ, compression, delay, and reverbBL Secrets to running creative recording sessionsBL Practical application of digital editing, mixing, and masteringA special section identifies solutions to the most common challenges in the recording studio, and the book also features an addendum with essential tips and reference information including:BL How to walk into a commercial studio and be the engineerBL Researching and buying gear: Internet vs. brick and mortarBL Digital formats: A handy referenceAs a whole, The Art of Digital Audio Recording is an essential resource that gives recordists the tools they need to let technical understanding serve greater musical goals.

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