Statistical Methods in Practice: For Scientists and Technologists

Statistical Methods in Practice

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Statistical Methods in Practice: For Scientists and Technologists. This is a practical book on how to apply statistical methods successfully. The Authors have deliberately kept formulae to a minimum to enable the reader to concentrate on how to use the methods and to understand what the methods are for. Each method is introduced and used in a real situation from industry or research. Each chapter features situations based on the authors' experience and looks at statistical methods for analysing data and, where appropriate, discusses the assumptions of these methods. Key features: Provides a practical hands-on manual for workplace applications. Introduces a broad range of statistical methods from confidence intervals to trend analysis. Combines realistic case studies and examples with a practical approach to statistical analysis. Features examples drawn from a wide range of industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, nuclear power, food and pharmaceuticals. Includes a supporting website, providing software to aid tutorials. Scientists and technologists of all levels who are required to design, conduct and analyse experiments will find this book to be essential reading.

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