Snapshots of Great Leadership

Snapshots of Great Leadership

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Snapshots of Great Leadership. This is a great book describing leaders (both good and bad) who either have accomplished amazing feats or who brought destruction or death to scores of people. Although the goals of these individuals were often quite different, the leadership processes they used were frequently similar. The book also includes an introductory chapter explaining the latest theories of leadership. Each snapshot will add an important "reality check" to the theories and models described in most introductory leadership textbooks, making this an important supplement for students taking leadership courses. Leaders from various disciplines, historical, religious, political, sports, and business, are included, as well as leaders from around the world. Each chapter ends with a discussion of theories of leadership pertaining to that leader, and questions for discussion.

Forfattere: Jon P. Howell Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 268
ISBN: 9780415872171 Vekt: 484 g
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