Romania since the Second World War: A Political, Social and Economic History

Romania since the Second World War

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Romania since the Second World War: A Political, Social and Economic History. Romania since the Second World WarCHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2017Romania since the Second World War is the first book about Romania designed to chart the progress of the nation under the communist regime as well as the transition period that followed, providing detailed analysis of the aspects of continuity and change that can be identified over the period as a whole. The book begins with Romania's involvement in the Second World War, looking at the communist regime in depth. It examines how communism took hold and the elimination of traditional elites took place, before discussing the impact of Gheorghiu-Dej and Nicolae Caeusescu, the two most important leaders of the communist era. The following chapters cover the main social and economic changes during the communist regime. The second part of the book explores the transition period following the end of communism in 1989, with special attention given to international relations and Romania's drive for inclusion in NATO and the EU. Romania since the Second World War assesses socio-demographic trends across the postwar period before concluding with some thoughts on the nation's development during this time. The book includes a useful appendix covering the key figures in Romania's recent history and a helpful bibliography, making this a key text for anyone interested in the modern history of Eastern Europe.

Introduction1. Under the Sign of Three Dictatorships (1938-1944)PART I: Communism2. The Establishment of the Communist Regime (1944-1947) 3. The Gheorghiu-Dej Era (1948-1965)4. The Nicolae Caeusescu Regime (1965-1989)5. Institutions of 'Legitimate Violence'6. Society Crushed by Tyranny7. The Economy8. The Fall of CommunismPART II: Return to Democracy: Lost in Transitions9. Political Parties10. Political Institutions11. Main Public Policies12. Foreign Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration13. The Rule of Law14. Society Under the Pressure of Change15. The EconomyPART III: Social and Demographic Trends16. Social and Demographic TrendsConclusionsMini-BiographiesBibliographyIndex A detailed, one-volume overview of the political, social and economic history of Romania from the end of the Second World War to the present day.
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