Personhood, professionalism and the helping relation: dialogues and reflections

Personhood, professionalism and the helping relation

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Personhood, professionalism and the helping relation: dialogues and reflections. The book explores the links between the professional and the personal within the counselling, guidance and therapeutic relation. In a year-long dialogue the two authors seek to understand the core qualities in the relation between the helper and the helpee. The concepts power, energy, wholeness, emancipation and interdependency are discussed as components in the professional relation between persons. Eleanor Allgood is associate professor in the Department of Education, NTNU. Originally from Canada, she worked in education and counselling for 25 years where she held both teaching and leadership positions. Since 1994 she has been a teacher and researcher in counselling and guidance at NTNU. Her research interests are specially focussed on subjective experience, relational and aesthetic aspects of counselling and guidance practice. Ragnvald Kvalsund is associate professor in the Department of education, NTNU. In his doctoral dissertation of 1998 he developed a theory of the person in which he explored developmental aspects of human relationships. He has worked in the counselling and guidance field for 18 years. Group process with special focus on the relational dimension is a significant research area for him. Recently he has expanded his research field to include leadership and coaching.

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