Natural Gas and Geopolitics: From 1970 to 2040

Natural Gas and Geopolitics

Cambridge University Press

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Natural Gas and Geopolitics: From 1970 to 2040. By most estimates, global consumption of natural gas - a cleaner-burning alternative to coal and oil - will double by 2030. However, in North America, Europe, China, and South and East Asia, which are the areas of highest-expected demand, the projected consumption of gas is expected to far outstrip indigenous supplies. Delivering gas from the world's major reserves to the future demand centres will require a major expansion of inter-regional, cross-border gas transport infrastructures. This book investigates the implications of this shift, utilizing historical case studies as well as advanced economic modelling to examine the interplay between economic and political factors in the development of natural gas resources. The contributors aim to shed light on the political challenges which may accompany a shift to a gas-fed world.

Forfattere: Mark H. (EDT) Hayes, Amy M. (EDT) Jaffe, David G. (EDT) Victor Utgave: 1 utg.
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