MRI for Technologists

MRI for Technologists


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MRI for Technologists. Highly praised in its first edition, this text serves as a practical guide to all types of MR technologies and image interpretation in diagnostic imaging centers throughout the world. Leading educators, researchers, managers, and practicing technologists make it easy to understand MR technology, and show the reader how to apply this information on the job. The book takes basic principles (physics, pulse sequence and imaging coil technology) and augments them with practical clinical chapters on patient issues, safety concerns, equipment choices, protocol development strategies, MR facility management, and much more. Since the publication of the first edition, significant advances have been made in the following areas of MR technology: coil technology, angiographic imaging, contrast media and breast MRI. As such, Woodward has significantly revised the contents of the second edition to incorporate these advances, while updating key figures and concepts throughout.

Forfattere: Peggy Woodward Utgave: 2 utg.
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