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International Business : The Challenges of Global Competition


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International Business : The Challenges of Global Competition. International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition 13e by Ball, Geringer, McNett, and Minor continues to be the most current, objective and thorough treatment of international business available for students. Enriched with colorful maps, photos, and the most up-to-date world data, this text boasts the collective expertise of four authors with firsthand international business experience, specializing in international management, finance, law, global strategy, and marketing - a claim no other text can make. In addition, each new copy of International Business 13e includes access to CESIM - an interactive IB simulation developed for industry professionals. Ball et al is the only textbook on the market which features access to CESIM. Only Ball, Geringer, McNett and Minor can offer a complete view of international business as diverse as the backgrounds of business students.

Forfattere: Donald Ball, Michael Minor, Michael Geringer Utgave: 13. utg
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 536
ISBN: 9780077606121 Vekt: 1260 g
Forlag: McGraw-Hill Innbinding: Innbundet
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