McQuail's Reader in Mass Communication Theory

McQuail's Reader in Mass Communication Theory

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McQuail's Reader in Mass Communication Theory. McQuail's Reader in Mass Communication Theory provides an invaluable resource of key statements drawn from communication studies, media sociology and cultural studies, and includes an overview essay and section introductions which place the readings in their theoretical and methodological context. Designed as a companion to McQuail's Mass Communication Theory, it can also function independently of that text.

Divided into ten parts: Approaches and Conceptual Issues; Mass Media and Society; From Old to New Media; Normative Theory; Global Mass Communication; Media Organization and Production; Media Content; The Media Audience; and Mass Media and Effects, this collection represents an essential sourcebook for all students of media and mass communication.

McQuails Reader in Mass Communication Theory includes key statements from;

Pertti Alasuutari

Ien Ang

Jan L. Bordewijk

Jay G. Blumler

Roland Barthes

Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Muriel G. Cantor

James Carey

Peter Dahlgren

Daniel Dayan

Everette E. Dennis

Todd Gitlin

Alvin W. Gouldner

Robert M. Entman

Celia von Feilitzen

Marjorie Ferguson

Edward S. Herman

Terhi Rantanen

Stuart Hall

Joli Jenson

Elihu Katz

Judith Lichtenberg

John H. McManus

Joshua Meyrowitz

C. Wright Mills

Merrill Morris

John C. Nerone

W. R. Neumann

Janice Radway

Ronald E. Rice

Karl Erik Rosengren

James Slevin

Pamela J. Shoemaker

John Tomlinson

Gaye Tuchman

Ellen Wartella

Judith Williamson

Dolf Zillmann

Liesbet van Zoonen

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