Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning

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Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning. Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning 5e deals with the process of developing and implementing a marketing strategy. The book focuses on competitive positioning at the heart of marketing strategy and includes in-depth discussion of the processes used in marketing to achieve competitive advantage. The book is primarily about creating and sustaining superior performance in the marketplace. It focuses on the two central issues in marketing strategy formulation -- the identification of target markets and the creation of a differential advantage. In doing that, it recognises the emergence of new potential target markets born of the recession and increased concern for climate change; and it examines ways in which firms can differentiate their offerings through the recognition of environmental and social concerns.

Forfattere: Nigel F. Piercy, Graham Hooley, Brigitte Nicoulaud Utgave: 5 utg.
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