Learning Maps and Memory Skills

Learning Maps and Memory Skills

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Learning Maps and Memory Skills. Are you tired of wading through pages of notes to find the information you want? Do you need to improve your creative thinking? Do you find it difficult to decipher the notes you have taken during a meeting? Learning Maps and Memory Skills could be the answer to your problems. Learning Maps are an immensely valuable noting-taking technique that can improve your memory, save you time, and boost your creative thinking. They are also an effective means of getting organised, helping you to develop a more structured and logical approach. Learning maps are different from 'ordinary' note-taking techniques, and have been proven to bring numerous positive effects as soon as you start using them. Learning Maps are useful in all sorts of situations, including: planning and problem solving; summarising notes; remembering facts and figures; brainstorming and ideas generation; remembering key points from a meeting. Learning Maps and Memory Skills presents a step-by-step guide to mastering the learning maps technique and how to make the most of your memory.In this handy book, Ingemar Svantesson shares simple and straightforward techniques that can help anyone dramatically improve his or her recall and note-taking. The book contains useful tips, examples and practical applications of the tools described. This revised edition of Learning Maps and Memory Skills contains countless exercises to help you to improve recall and note taking. The book helps you to effectively monitor your progress in both learning maps and memory training, which will ultimately save you time and energy and boost your prospects.

Forfattere: Ingemar Svantesson Utgave: 3 utg.
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 144
ISBN: 9780749441289 Vekt: 145 g
Forlag: Kogan Page Innbinding: Heftet
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