Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy

Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy

Psychology Press

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Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy. Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy provides an extensive glossary of the main terms and concepts used in Eastern philosophy. The book includes definitions of philosophical ideas linked to the national traditions of:* Persia* India* Islamic world* China* Japan* Tibetincluding concepts from:* Zoroastrianism* Hinduism* Sufism* Islam * Confucianism* Shintoism* Taoism* BuddhismEach entry includes a guide for further reading and critical analysis, and is cross-referenced with associated concepts and is in easy-to-use A-Z format.

Forfattere: Oliver Leaman Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 352
ISBN: 9780415173636 Vekt: 386 g
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