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Java: How to Program. "The [arrays] exercises are quite sophisticated and interesting. Provides the best combination of conceptual discussion and implementation examples of dynamic binding that I have encountered in a text. Excellent overview of basic networking via Java. Provides the perfect breadth and depth for generics in an entry-level Java class. Provides a good segue into a data structures course -- the exercises are excellent." -- Ric Heishman, George Mason University "Beautiful collections of exercises--a nice illustration of how to use Java libraries to generate impressive and stimulating graphics with minimal code and effort. I found the "Making a Difference" exercises to be very nice and tactfully presented." -- Amr Sabry, Indiana University "A comprehensive introduction to programming in Java that covers all major areas of the platform. To me, the best way to understand programming is by example, and this book contains copious, well-described sample code." -- Simon Ritter, Sun Microsystems "Great example of polymorphism and interfaces. Great comparison of recursion and iteration. I found the [Searching and Sorting] chapter to be just right.A very understandable, simplified explanation of Big O--the best I have ever read! A great synthesis of details to help someone create generic data structures. I appreciate the addition of the GUI-based threading issues. Great approach to Java web technologies." -- Sue McFarland Metzger, Villanova University "I'm sure this [ATM] case study will be of immense value to practitioners and students of the object-oriented approach. Demystifies inheritance and polymorphism, and illustrates their use in getting elegant, simple and maintainable code." -- Vinod Varma, Astra Infotech Private Limited

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