Issues in Political Theory

Issues in Political Theory

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Issues in Political Theory. With a focus on real-world problems and debates, Issues in Political Theory is the clearest and most engaging introduction to political theory and how it is applied to address a range of global challenges. Its team of expert contributors introduce students to important concepts, key thinkers, and major texts in political theory, while extended case studies at the end of each chapter show students how to apply theoretical ideas to real contemporary issues and debates. The text is supported by online resources, which include additional case studies intended to give students confidence in using theory to shed light on key issues, and a range of additional teaching and learning resources.

Forfattere: Patrick Tomlin, Robert Jubb, Catriona McKinnon Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 360
ISBN: 9780198784067 Vekt: 612 g
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