Inventing the Nation: Russia

Inventing the Nation: Russia


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Inventing the Nation: Russia. The question of national identity is central to the future of Russia. This extensive analysis, spans three centuries of Russian cultural history to place post-communist Russia within a broad historical background. The author focuses on three ways of defining Russia and Russians: Russia as a counterpart to the West; Russians as creators of a unique multi-ethnic community; and Russians as members of the community of Eastern Slavs. She then demonstrates how these three perspectives have dominated the views of Russia in the modern era and traces their origins back to writers and historians in the eighteenth century. Combining a rich historical study with a rigorous analytical framework, the book is an essential tool for understanding contemporary Russia.

Forfattere: Vera Tolz Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 307
ISBN: 9780340677056 Vekt: 499 g
Forlag: Bloomsbury Innbinding: Heftet
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