Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches

Introduction to International Relations

Oxford University Press

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Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches. The fifth edition of this successful textbook has been updated in light of current international events and ongoing debates in the subject. It provides a highly readable introduction to the principal theories in international relations, combining incisive and original analysis with a clear and accessible writing style, and a range of helpful learning features. This new edition is structured to guide students through classical theories, contemporary approaches and debates, and key issues in international relations, and includes a new chapter on feminism, post-structuralism, and post-colonialism. The authors emphasise the relationship between international relations theory and international relations practice, and carefully explain how particular theories organize and shape our view of the world, ensuring that students receive a blended view of theory and practice. The text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which includes: Student resources: Case studies Review questions Web links Flashcard glossary Links to Oxford Scholarship Online Lecturer resources: Boxes from the text, including text, figures, and tables.

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