International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice

International Organizations

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International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice. International OrganizationsThis leading undergraduate textbook now covers international relations theory in more depth and includes new material on NATO and the EU, while its case studies have been updated throughout. Unlike other textbooks in the field, it takes readers behind the scenes of the world's most important international organizations (IOs), inviting them to ask: What are the legal obligations that give IOs international power? How do IOs ensure compliance from their members? And how do they enforce their rules? International Organizations explores these questions through in-depth, chapter-length case studies of the world's key international organizations, allowing students to connect essential IO theory with the law, practice and philosophy of the leading IOs, including the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Concise and engagingly written and with end-of-chapter questions, legal appendices and suggestions for further reading, this is core reading for any course on international institutions.

1. Introduction to international organizations; 2. Theory, methods, and international organizations; 3. The World Trade Organization; 4. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank; 5. The United Nations I: law and administration; 6. The United Nations II: international peace and security; 7. The International Labor Organization; 8. The International Court of Justice; 9. The International Criminal Court; 10. The European Union and regional organizations; 11. Conclusion. This updated introductory textbook explores law, compliance and enforcement through chapter-length case studies of the world's most important international organizations.
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