Vigmostad & Bjørke AS (VB Import)

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Inconceivable. Lucy desperately wants a baby. Sam is determined to write a hit movie. The problem is that both their efforts seem to be unfruitful. And given that the average IVF cycle has about on in five chance of going into full production, Lucy's chances of getting what she wants are conciderably better than Sam's. What Sam and Lucy are about to og through is absolutely inconceivable. The question is, can their love survive? Inconceivable confirms Ben Elton as one of Britain's most significant, entertaining and provocative writers.

Forfattere: Ben Elton Utgave: 1 utg.
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 366
ISBN: 9780552148191 Vekt: 196 g
Forlag: Vigmostad & Bjørke AS (VB Import) Innbinding: Heftet
Utgitt: 2000 Veil. pris: 89 kr
Kategori: Diverse
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