Human Learning: International Edition

Human Learning


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Human Learning: International Edition. Human Learning, fifth edition, is the leading text on learning theories applied to education.  It covers a broad range of learning theories, including behaviorist, social cognitive, cognitive, and developmental.  Complex learning and cognition, including metacognition, transfer, and social processes in knowledge construction are also covered, as is motivation.  Coverage demonstrates, through the author's extremely lucid and engaging prose, how different concepts relate to one another.  The book provides dozens of proven examples, and emphasizes meaningful learning that makes the fundamentals of these theories comprehensible to students with little or no prior coursework in psychology.  Key revisions to this book include a thoroughly updated section on behaviorism, a new, separate chapter on the developmental theories of Piaget and Vygotsky, and a reorganized motivation section.

Forfattere: Jeanne Ellis Ormrod Utgave: 5 utg.
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