How to Think Straight about Psychology: International Edition

How to Think Straight about Psychology


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How to Think Straight about Psychology: International Edition. Keith Stanovich's widely used and highly acclaimed book helps students become more discriminating consumers of psychological information, helping them recognize pseudoscience and be able to distinguish it from true psychological research.   Stanovich helps instructors teach critical thinking skills within the rich context of psychology.  It is the leading text of its kind.    How to Think Straight About Psychology says about the discipline of psychology what many instructors would like to say but haven't found a way to.  That is one reason adopters have called it “an instructor's dream text” and often comment “I wish I had written it.  It tells my students just what I want them to hear about psychology”.

Forfattere: Keith E. Stanovich Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 256
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