How to Advertise: What Works, what Doesn't - and why

How to Advertise

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How to Advertise: What Works, what Doesn't - and why. "All grown-up advertising people will be grateful to it; with advertisers, perhaps, the most grateful of all." -Jeremy Bullmore, former Chairman, J Walter Thompson"Read it. It will save you a vast amount of indecision, worry and financial misery. You'll end up knowing more than your agency." - Marketing"If you've ever found yourself staring at a blank page, completely devoid of ideas, check out this book - it could provide you with the inspiration you are looking for." - Media Week"...neatly mixes abstract ideas with concrete examples of campaigns to produce a satisfying digest of contemporary advertising practice." - Marketing BusinessBy any measure, How to Advertise is a classic. An authoritative and comprehensive guide to effective advertising, it is widely used by advertisers, agencies and business schools.This paperback edition includes chapters on the Internet and interactive media, relationship marketing, integrated communications, creativity and ideas, as well as fresh insights and new examples throughout.Drawing on their extensive experience, and writing in a refreshingly down-to-earth style, the authors cover:What to say - and where: Creative ideas, brands and strategies, consumer research, media strategies and tactics. Getting the message out: Principles for effective TV, magazines and newspapers, radio and out-of-home, the Internet and interactive media, direct and relationship marketing, brochures and sales pieces, consumer promotions. Tying it all together: Integrated communications, global campaigns, target marketing, working with an agency, truth and ethics.

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