How Organizations Learn: Managing the Search for Knowledge

How Organizations Learn

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How Organizations Learn: Managing the Search for Knowledge. Organizational learning, the examination of how organizations learn as groups rather than as individuals, is a fast growing area of interest, and is now considered an essential factor in business success. This new edition of an already popular text critically examines traditional assumptions about organization and strategy, providing key readings by renowned international authors to help the reader understand and manage the challenge of organizational learning. How Organizations Learn links the two key concepts of leadership and the learning organization in this text, bringing together the key theories and suggesting new directions for studying and managing organizations. The choice of readings highlights the potential synergy between leading and learning, and how organizational structure and management processes impact upon learning, and includes work by numerous key academics.This will be a core text for courses in Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management at advanced undergraduate, MBA and executive training level, and a supplementary text for courses in Strategic Management, HRM and OB.

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