Governments, Globalization, and International Business

Governments, Globalization, and International Business

Oxford University Press

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Governments, Globalization, and International Business. It is a cliche to say that we live in a globalized world in which investment flows, communications and the operations of multinationals from all parts of the world have changed the character of the international business environment. But the easy concept of globalization poses as many questions as it answers and it is the purpose of this book to address these challenges. In Governments, Globalization, and International Business a prestigious group of international scholars explore in detail the consequences of globalization defined as the deepening structural interdependence of the world economy. In Part 1 John Dunning, Richard Lipsey, Susan Strange and Stephen Kobrin analyse these changes from different disciplinary perspectives and intellectual backgrounds. The basic question they address is what are the consequences of globalization on the nature, form, andlevel of domestic economic activity?. In doing so, they also consider the increasing mobility of knowledge and information, the role of international corporations, and the sovereignty of the nation state in the modern borderless world. In Part 2 the different experiences and policies of a number of economies are assessed in a series of country studies, These include the G7 countries as well as the developing East Asian economies, Latin America and smaller developed countries. In the final part John Stopford and Edward Graham stand back and look at the changing role of National and Supranational governance. In doing so they underscore a fundamental tenet of the volume, that globalization requires national governments to re-evaluate various factors of their systemic governance. Yet despite apparently convergent trends they argue there are no universal prescriptions for the way governments should respond to globalization, and the policy challenge is a more complex onethan merely more or less government.

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