Globalization, Second Edition: A Critical Introduction

Globalization, Second Edition

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Globalization, Second Edition: A Critical Introduction. This highly-acclaimed, bestselling textbook, quickly established itself as one of the leading texts on the subject worldwide in its first edition. Now substantially revised and updated, Scholte provides students with a comprehensive introduction to globalization and questions why this phenomenon has occurred, to what extent it changes the world, and whether it is a force for good or ill. Accessibly written by a leading authority both as an academic researcher and a policy consultant, this second edition draws on the author's research in more than twenty countries over five continents. Split into three parts, the text first outlines a critical framework for understanding globalization, before exploring its impact on society, and the key debates surrounding its normative impact. Exploring questions such as what globalization is, how it has emerged and what effect it has had on society, this text is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking a thorough study of globalization.

Forfattere: Jan Aart Scholte Utgave: 2 utg.
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