Global Political Economy

Global Political Economy

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Global Political Economy. List of FiguresxixList of BoxesxxiList of TablesxxiiiAbbreviationsxxvAbout the ContributorsxxixPart One Theoretical Approaches to Global Political Economy1(134)The Study of Global Political Economy3(24)John RavenhillPrologue: Thailand and the East Asian Financial Crisis4(3)The World Economy Pre-19147(4)The World Economy in the Inter-War Period11(2)The World Economy Post-194513(5)The Study of Global Political Economy18(9)Theoretical Traditions in Global Political Economy27(40)Matthew WatsonIntroduction28(1)The Trichotomous Structure of Teaching IPE29(3)The Contested Label of `Realist' IPE32(4)The Contested Label of `Marxist' IPE36(5)The Mis-Specified Roots of Liberal IPE41(4)Beyond the Trichotomous Structure of Teaching IPE45(3)Basic Heuristic Distinctions for Appraising IPE Research48(2)Analytical Distinctions to Sub-Divide the Field50(3)Disciplinary Distinctions to Sub-Divide the Field53(9)Conclusion62(5)Collaboration and Co-Ordination in the Global Political Economy67(28)Vinod K AggarwalCedric DupontIntroduction68(1)Globalization and the Need for International Co-operation68(5)International Co-operation: a Strategic Interdependence Approach73(7)International Co-operation: a Variety of Solutions80(3)The Formation and Evolution of Institutions83(8)Conclusion91(4)The Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policies95(40)Michael J HiscoxIntroduction96(1)Policy Preferences97(15)Institutions112(8)Conclusions, Extensions, and Complications120(12)Appendix132(3)Part Two Global Trade135(76)The Evolution of the Global Trade Regime137(35)Gilbert R WinhamIntroduction138(1)Historical Antecedents: 1860 to 1945139(4)The ITO and the GATT: 1947 to 1948143(4)Multilateral Trade Negotiations: 1950s to 1980s147(5)The Uruguay Round and the WTO: 1986 to 1994152(7)The WTO in Action: 1995 and Beyond159(9)Conclusion168(4)Regionalism172(39)John RavenhillIntroduction173(3)Why Regionalism?176(7)The Rush to Regionalism183(9)The Political Economy of Regionalism192(5)The Economic Consequences of Regional Integration197(3)Regionalism and the WTO: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block?200(11)Part Three Global Finance211(64)The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System213(28)Eric HelleinerIntroduction214(1)The Fate of a Previous Globally Integrated Financial and Monetary Order215(4)The Bretton Woods Order219(3)The Crisis of the Early 1970s222(2)From Floating Exchange Rates to Monetary Unions224(7)The Dollar's Declining Global Role?231(2)The Globalization of Financial Markets233(5)Conclusion238(3)The Political Economy of Global Financial Crises241(34)Louis W PaulyIntroduction242(1)National Politics and International Markets243(4)The Nature and Variety of International Financial Crises247(4)The Changing Global Context251(7)Crisis Prevention258(6)Crisis Management264(4)Dilemmas of Global Governance268(7)Part Four Globalization and its Consequences275(204)The Logics of Economic Globalization277(37)Anthony McGrewIntroduction279(1)A Global Economy? `Embedded Globalization' and the Rescaling of Economic Activity280(15)The Logics of Economic Globalization295(12)The Second Age of Globalization: Another Extraordinary Episode?307(3)The Prospects for Economic Globalization: Why Politics Still Matters310(4)Globalization's Impact on States314(32)Colin HayIntroduction315(1)The Globalization of Politics and the Politics of Globalization316(2)Globalization and the Crisis of the Nation State318(8)Globalization and State Retrenchment: The Evidence Assessed326(16)Conclusions342(4)The Globalization of Production346(27)Eric ThunIntroduction347(1)The Rise of Global Production348(6)Global Value Chains: Governance and Location354(8)China as the World's Factory362(7)Conclusion369(4)Globalization, Growth, Poverty, Inequality, Resentment, and Imperialism373(37)Robert Hunter WadeIntroduction375(1)World Income Distribution376(1)Growth and Distribution377(5)Poverty382(4)Inequality386(6)Case Studies392(4)Globalization396(5)Does Inequality Matter?401(3)Conclusions404(6)Globalization and Development in the South410(38)Caroline ThomasIntroduction411(1)Getting Our Terms Straight412(2)The Development Challenge in the South414(3)Development History: 1945 to 1980417(6)Development Policy Since 1980: From State-Led to Market-Led423(11)Post-Washington Consensus434(5)Development Prerequisites: Signs of Progress?439(4)Conclusion443(4)Appendix447(1)Globalization and the Environment448(31)Peter DauvergneIntroduction: Globalization and Environmental Change449(4)History of Global Environmentalism453(7)Economic Growth, Trade, and Corporations460(6)A Sustainable Future? Financing and Regimes466(8)Conclusion474(5)Glossary479(8)References487(28)Index515

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