Geographies of Development in the 21st Century

Geographies of Development in the 21st Century

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Geographies of Development in the 21st Century. Written by two widely published academics with many years' experience in university teaching, research and consultancy, Geographies of Development in the 21st Century provides a concise yet informative introduction to development in the contemporary Global South. Incorporating field research from Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, the Philippines, Botswana and The Gambia, Sylvia Chant and Cathy McIlwaine bring alive a body of fascinating subject matter extending across gender, family, poverty, employment, household livelihoods, the informal economy, housing, migration, civil society, conflict and violence. Reflecting both authors' enduring interests in the academic-policy interface, the book is also informed by assignments they have undertaken for various international organisations such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO and the Commonwealth Secretariat.This timely and engaging volume will be an essential companion for undergraduate students taking introductory courses in development and globalisation as well as a useful reference and repository of teaching and learning ideas for those lecturing on the subject. Students will not only find this resource refreshingly accessible and user-friendly, but will be able to further their knowledge guided by annotated readings, key internet sources and a range of learning activities.

Forfattere: Cathy McIlwaine, Sylvia Chant Utgave: ukjent
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