Foundations of Strategy

Foundations of Strategy

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Foundations of Strategy. Foundations of Strategy, second edition is a concise text aimed at both undergraduate and Masters students. Written in an accessible style with the needs of these students in mind, the latest edition has a clear, comprehensive approach, underlined by sound theoretical depth. The content has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent developments in the business environment and strategy research. Features of the text include: 10 chapters covering all the topics in a typical one-semester course. Concise and integrated treatment of strategy implementation focusing on strategy in practice. Integration of the not-for-profit sector. Opening and closing chapter case studies covering a range of real-world, global examples. Featured Example and Case Insight boxes throughout chapters to give an additional dimension to the subject matter. An extensive range of learning and teaching materials accompany this text including instructor manual, case teaching notes, test bank and PowerPoint slides, for instructors. Resources for students include self-test quizzes and glossary flashcards to check understanding. Access the full resources online at

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