Financial Accounting and Reporting: A Global Perspective

Financial Accounting and Reporting

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Financial Accounting and Reporting: A Global Perspective. Now in its fourth edition, this respected and widely used book provides an essential introduction to financial accounting and reporting for business and management students around the world.Written very much from the `user' rather than the `preparer' accounting perspective, the book provides clear and comprehensive guidance on all the complex concepts and issues in accounting and reporting, together with explanation of the more technical aspects of accounting transactions.The book has a strong international perspective (being based on IFRS/IAS) and uses lots of real-life worldwide company financial statements and examples, to enable students to see how issues appear in practice.

Forfattere: Herve Stolowy, Michel Lebas, Yuan Ding Utgave: ukjent
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 800
ISBN: 9781408066621 Vekt: 1444 g
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