Expanding your leadership : a journey towards building character

Expanding your leadership


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Expanding your leadership : a journey towards building character. Great leadership is possible whether you are introvert or extrovert, sensitive, or analytic. The challenge is to refine your own talents. To move towards great leadership, learning processes that stimulate character building are needed. You need to stimulate willingness to wrestle with unsettled issues, to ask questions, and to seek knowledge. Character building is a lifelong journey of visiting and revisiting one's personal values, and being willing to act, reflect, and train to grow the skills that are needed to influence others in accordance with the vision. If you want to stimulate individuals to become the best leaders they can be, you can not choose a standard generic, instrumental approach. This book is about one leader-development program about how it was built and about how it was executed. Dagrun Dvergsdal has been involved in leader and team development for more than 20 years. She is the owner of Dvergsdal Consulting AS (see dvergsdalconsulting.no), a company dedicated to tailor-made programs that fit the particular needs of the client. She has developed new concepts in the field of leader development, and has extensive experience in running programs at national and international level. Ms. Dvergsdal holds a Master of Management degree.

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